About me & what I do...
I'm a Senior UX Designer living in beautiful Portland, Oregon. With over a decade of experience rooted in visual design, my strengths lie in UI design and design-thinking.

In my leadership roles, I push my teams to explore user-centric methodologies that can be used to strategically find innovative and relevant solutions that can satisfy the goals of users and stakeholders.

My most recent role was working as Senior UX Designer in Walmart's Global Tech division.

Currently, I am seeking new opportunities, so please let's connect!
What my process looks like
I approach any new project by using UX methodology & best practices like the Double Diamond process.
Research & Observation:
Get insights into the problem or opportunities.
Synthesis findings:
Define direction for tackling established problems and scope down the focus to MVP.
Ideation and Design:
Mock up some solutions and test them with users. Once refined, a final hi-res iteration will be designed.
Implementation and Measurement:
Deliver files to developers, gather feedback and look to start cycle again.
My 8 UX Principles
How I work and what I believe in...
  • Innovation
    Sometimes innovation is useless at best and harmful at worst. Innovate mindfully.
  • Teamwork
    Communication is a designer's super power, it should be used to build bridges, not walls. Avoid industry-specific verbiage or lingo.
  • Mentorship
    Being an experienced Designer means focusing on mentoring, not gatekeeping. Recall what support you would have wanted at the beginning.
  • The Role of Design
    Design should not just function, but be valued in it's accessibility and it's ability to be sustainable. Design systems and WCAG should be your go to methods to ensure that happens.
  • Leadership
    Being a leader means that you don't always lead. You open the door for others to see the potential to lead in themselves.
  • Harnessing your Superpower
    Being a jack-of-all trades is highly overrated. Find what excites you most and get better at it. Your team will be impressed by your super power.
  • Data is your Friend
    Learning to incorporate business strategy and data-driven methods will make your company money and your users satisfied.
  • Design is a Cycle
    Design is an iterative process, don't skip a step and keep bringing your learnings into each improvement.
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